Fischer Audio es, según se definen a sí mismos, una empresa australiana fundada por un equipo de ingenieros afines en su experiencia en el desarrollo, diseño y fabricación de equipos de audio.

These headphones have been on my radar for a long time. Every single time I wanted to purchase one of these, I either didn’t have the funds, or they were not available for purchase when I did.
Kennerton Odin Review: Planar Magnetic Headphones

The Kennerton Odin headphones produces precise transparent treble, detailed audio, and easily reveals all sonic impurities. 

Kennerton Vali Review: Headphones with Industrial Charm

The Kennerton Vali headphones deliver detailed audio with unexaggerated treble and faithfully extended bass excellent for high volume immersive enjoyment.

Обзор наушников Kennerton Odin

История наушников Odin от Kennerton уходит корнями в прошлое чуть меньше, чем Эдда Сэмунда, но всё равно простирается достаточно далеко.

Test Kennerton Vali : un casque Hi-Fi haut de gamme, venu d’outre-temps, mais très attachant

Le nouveau modèle Vali que nous avons ici est de type électrodynamique et non plus orthodynamique. Il n’est pas parfait et néanmoins ultra attachant.

Absolute Hi End

Kennerton Audio Equipment Magister winner of Sound + Image award 2017 as Highly Commended Component Sound+Image Magazine

케너턴 발리(Kennerton Vali) 고풍스러운 디자인과 올곧고 옹골진 소리

다 그런 것은 아니지만, 북유럽 신화는 묘하게 멋있어 보이는 면이 있습니다.
Kennerton Algiz. Korean review

특히, 러시아 특유의 기술력과 사운드 특성이 잘 적용되어 옹골진 저음과 고밀도 해상도의 역량이 탁월한데,
Kennerton Vali Measurements and impressions

Very nice Overall Balance , Open punchy lively sound with a good open soundstage . Somewhat forgiving for bad recordings but it does not fall into the limp dick laid back territory.

[PMR Reviews] Kennerton Odin

I suppose this review will be a swan song to end my audio journey in Singapore.  It’s hard not to be just a little bit sentimental, especially when the pair of cans on your head is rendering Bryan Adam’s Heaven almost perfectly.
In Mother Russia, you do not wear headphone. Headphone wears you!!

Got the Kennerton Vali on a tour and had it for a week. Want to thank Kennerton/Fischer Audio and @grizzlybeast for making the tour happen, getting to listen to summit-fi headphones is a treat in your own home.
[PMR Reviews] Kennerton Odin

The good news from our partner in UK NuNu Distribution. Below the fresh copy of the HiFi World Award 2016 where they have chosen the Kennerton Magister as the best for 2016 headphone category.

Kennerton’s top-of-the-range model, supporting Planar Magnetic technology, Paul Rigby reviews the Odin headphones
Test casque orthoplanar Kennerton Odin : le Tsar audiophile de Russie

Kennerton est pour l’instant presque inconnue en France. Pourtant il s’agit du département haut de gamme de Fisher Audio, un gros fabricant de casques et écouteurs, basé à Saint Petersbourg.
Sound+Image Magazine

Our Awards were announced last night at our gala dinner in Melbourne – more detail and our Special Awards Issue to come, but here’s the full list of winners!
Kennerton Audio Laguz In-ears

Kennerton Audio is definitely on point with their new line of in-ears. Their performance level is very good price considered, and their aluminum housings are not only durable, but highly functional.
Simply the best IEM i've ever heard

I have had various in ear monitors from nearly every maker under the sun. Usually leaving me either underwhelmed, or uncomfortable. I never have tried Fischer, nor heard about Kennerton until recently, and decided to try the Ikiz. Im glad I did. :ksc75smile: These are a dual dynamic IEM with removable cable. Theres a 10mm driver behind a 6 mm one, managed by a cross over.
Kennerton Audio Jimo In-ears

The earpieces for the Jimo are simply beautiful. Their construction is simple and looks very sleek, and they feel incredibly sturdy even though a very small coaxial-type cable is used.
Kennerton Audio Magister and Ego Headphone Amplifier/DAC – Headphone Magic ?

Review of the Kennerton Audio Magister headphones and the Kennerton Audio Ego headphone amplifier and DAC 

Kennerton Odin - Hands On

Prise en main du Kennerton Audio Equipment ODIN (FR)
Gorgeously-styled bogwood-carved headphones, from Russia with audio love...

KENNERTON Magister Headphones review by Edgar Kramer in ” Sound + Image ” Magazine , Australia, 2016
KENNERTON - VALI The Zealously Musical Dynamic Open Back

For some reason I find my self always curious about the headphones and gear that seem relatively new, not popular, upcoming, or developing.
Kennerton Odin

Aujourd’hui j’ai eu 2 claques, la première sur la découverte du Kennerton ODIN, la deuxième sur le Viva Egoista chez Pierre Paya … Ce Odin il vous envoi une brise, un murmure , puis soudain tout devient ample, large , détaillé, précis , équilibré…

Luxury division of Fischer Audio, Kennerton have just bought their range of professional audio grade headphones to Australia.
Kennerton Algiz: Klangliches In-Ear-Spitzenmodell

Smartphone und Musik gehören für viele zusammen wie Fußball und Bier, Toast und Nutella oder Sand und Meer. Doch nicht nur für unterwegs ist der Kopfhörer-Boom…

This is an earphone that is tuneable with two sets of filters that are supplied. If you like having this versatility then great this has it and if you are like me…

Нечасто можно наблюдать, как на рынок наушников пытается выйти новый премиальный бренд, особенно если за этим стоит компания, уже зарекомендовавшая себя как отличный производитель…
Kennerton Magister – Referenzklassen-Kopfhörer mit Highend-Ambition

Kennerton offeriert ein kleines aber sehr feines Sortiment hochwertig anmutender Kopfhörermodelle. Ein Portfolio, mit dem die Luxusmarke nicht primär…